Having the right amount of attic insulation is a great way to reduce utility bills. Attics are among the least energy efficient parts of a home. They are typically not heated or cooled and often lack sufficient ventilation. During colder months the temperature in your attic will be the same (approximately) as the outdoor temperature. However, during hot summer months your attic can reach temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees HOTTER than the outside air. Without the proper amount of insulation in the attic, a process known as heat transfer will cause the heated and cooled air inside the house to escape into the attic. This means higher air conditioning and heating costs.

 Insulation and Ventilation are essential for a good energy system of your house

atticat California Energy Contractors offer one of the best insulation system on the market – AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation System. Adding insulation to your attic is a blast with the AttiCat® Insulation Blowing Machine! It conditions the AttiCat® Expanding Blown-In PINK Fiberglas™ Insulation by breaking it up and fluffing it, adding millions of the tiny air pockets that give the material its insulating power. The insulation is conditioned further throughout the length of the hose, and as it bounces its way up to your attic, more and more air pockets are added, increasing its insulating power even more. And since Fiberglas™ insulation will not settle, it will keep its energy-saving R-value over time.


Quick and Easy:

  • Blowing the insulation should take less than 1.5 hours and the whole job can be completed in less than 4 hours based on a 1,000 sq. ft. attic at R-30
  • Self-feeding system
  • Puts insulation where you want it
  • Integrated AUTOCUTTER

No Mess:

  • Fiberglas™ insulation releases and expands completely inside machine
  • Provides easy clean-up because machine does the work for you
  • Low dust system

Safe and Reliable:

  • Optimized process for minimal handling
  • Fully enclosed system
  • Hose-mounted remote control

Benefits to Homeowner:

  • Energy efficiency increases
  • Carbon footprint decreases
  • Increases life of shingles
  • Prevents moisture build-up in attic
  • Adding insulation is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency

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Energy Savings

Energy Savings
California Energy Contractors new replacement windows and doors, Tex-Cote and roofs provide substantial energy efficiency and savings for your home. We have saved money and energy for many happy homeowners across Southern California.

“I am so pleased with the work this crew did on my house. They worked very hard and followed up on anything I asked them to do. They made sure I was satisfied with the way they were working. Ed did a walk through at the completion of the work with me. He is very personable and wanted to be sure everything was the way it should be. The workers all took pride in their work. California Energy Contractors can be proud of the people that are working for them.” Virginia A.

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