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California Energy Contractors have partnered with Magic Windows Innovations in 2005. Magic Window Innovations has been designing, patenting, and manufacturing industry-leading window and door technology since 1979. They are committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry, in constant pursuit of innovations that bring tangible value to the lives of our customers.   If you are in the market for the best replacement windows, then you are certain to find them at Magic Window Innovations. They provide our customers with revolutionary innovations such as ‘No Crank’ windows, retractable screens and blinds, as well as easy clean windows that rotate or tilt inward so that both sides can be easily and safely maintained. The diverse selection of vinyl windows allows every homeowner to find products that match not only their tastes and design preferences but also the growing need for more energy efficient offerings. No matter the style and aesthetic of your home, Magic Window Innovations can provide you with the windows that are perfect for you. Installation Services The impeccable quality of the products is matched only by the caliber of our installation services. Our installers come highly trained and experienced, to ensure the correct, timely installation of your new vinyl windows, windows walls, or sliding doors.



No Crunks

features-image-cranksCranks are mechanically flawed. They strip, break, loosen and fail over time.Unsatisfied, we created Parallex Hardware, a revolutionary, award-winning system that eliminates the crank mechanism, easing operation and improving the window’s durability, performance and functionality. The advantages are critical. You can radically transform your home’s environment in seconds. Energy efficiency is improved through tighter seals, cranks aren’t awkwardly sticking out of window coverings, and a wider opening creates; better views, more ventilation, and a quick route of escape in case of emergency.

Retractable Screen & Blinds

features-image-screensMagic Windows patented Retractable Slide N’ Hide Insect Screen and Energy Blinds disappear into the window’s frame when they are not in use. Without an insect screen, your windows can offer unhindered views and 50% more natural light. The Energy Blinds, improve energy efficiency, control light penetration, and most importantly, allow you to manage your home’s interior environment and comfort levels. All of our screens and blinds have been designed with a cartridge roll-away design that; extends product life, prevents the build-up of dirt and allergens, and makes them easier to clean and operate. In the event they ever do need replacing, it’s as simple as ordering a new cartridge through the mail. You simply snap it in place

Easy Cleaning

features-image-cleaningNever again will you have to risk your life climbing up dangerous, unstable, ladders to clean windows on your home’s second or third story.

All of our operating window styles have the ability to rotate or tilt inward so that the outside glass of every single one of our windows can be washed from the inside of your home.

Imagine a cleaner, brighter home with clearer views and more natural light.

Safety & Security

All of Magic Windows Innovationsfeatures_safety windows and doors feature either our cam or multi-point locking systems made of stainless steel. Both systems were awarded the highest possible security rating (grade 40) by The American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA). That rating surpasses all industry standards for security and ensures that your home’s most-targeted point of entry by intruders is as safe and secure as possible.To learn more about the technology behind our security and our ratings click here. At the same time, our Parallex Hardware system makes it incredibly quick and simple for seniors and those with disabilities to open and escape from their windows in case of emergency.


Ultra Slim Profile

A feat of advanced engineering, Magic Windows Innovations Ultra Slim Profile was designed to reduce the frame’s size and maximize the glass surface to create a more modern and contemporary look.

Profiles also feature a mainframe system that shrinks the connecting mullion between multi-panel configurations by over 50%, so that we’re able to maintain that sleek narrow look even when multiple windows are connected together.

Climaguard Glass

Magic Windows formulates its own units to meet specific solar and energy-control needs of different building materials, regions, and climates. There are a variety of customizable options to choose from that can be tailored through glass types, gas fills, glazings, and coatings. The customization of our glass units allows us to maximize your windows performance in accordance to your specific preferences, climate, and home’s construction.



Patented, innovative Parallex Hardware supports both smaller and larger sizes. With larger windows, you can transform your home into the architectural spectacle you’ve always dreamed of. You also don’t have to worry about sacrificing performance, functionality or energy efficiency.


Ease of Installation

Magic Windows were engineered and designed for easy and smooth installation. Custom sizing, for any type of opening, guarantees the tightest fit, creating a strong, continuous and unbroken thermal seal around any home.

Warranty Information

Magic Window is committed to producing the highest quality products which is why all of our windows and doors are backed by the industry’s best 40 Year Transferable Warranty.


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Energy Savings

Energy Savings
California Energy Contractors new replacement windows and doors, Tex-Cote and roofs provide substantial energy efficiency and savings for your home. We have saved money and energy for many happy homeowners across Southern California.

“I am so pleased with the work this crew did on my house. They worked very hard and followed up on anything I asked them to do. They made sure I was satisfied with the way they were working. Ed did a walk through at the completion of the work with me. He is very personable and wanted to be sure everything was the way it should be. The workers all took pride in their work. California Energy Contractors can be proud of the people that are working for them.” Virginia A.

La Verne, CA