Walk-in Bathtubs

Innovative features for the ultimate bathing experience.

It is our goal to create walk-in bathtubs that will enhance and improve your quality of life. Each of our tubs is constructed with marine grade-fiber glass and housed in a one-piece stainless steel frame. A triple gel coat finish adds a lustrous, protective layer to your walk-in bathtub’s aesthetic. We design our walk-in tubs to be beautiful, durable, and reliable so that you can experience secure and satisfying bathing that will last a lifetime.


We have safety, therapeutic, and luxury features for you to enjoy as well.  Each of our tubs boasts standard, non-slip flooring, a low threshold entryway, ADA compliant seating, a watertight vinyl door seal, safety grab bars and ergonomically friendly faucets, door handles, and fixtures and fittings to ensure that you remain secure while you bathe.  Other safety options are available to suit your needs such as anti-scald faucets and bathing support harnesses.


Your health is important to us. Each of our tubs is available with optional therapy systems to target aching joints and muscles and to alleviate symptoms of conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and fibromyalgia. Our hydromassage systems provide 10 adjustable jets that pinpoint key areas of your body to include the upper and lower back, the back of the calves, as well as the feet. Our Air Massage system delivers healing from 20 individual jets which target various areas of the body, improving circulation and leaving you feeling revitalized after each bath. Our aroma and chromotherapy options also provide powerful healing benefits for body, mind, and spirit. 


Other optional luxury features include shower curtain hooks and L-rods, glass shower doors, shower slide bars, a bidet feature, seat cushions, bathing pillows and much more.  You may also benefit from our patented Hurry Drain™ system. Through precision engineering, this system has the ability to drain a standard sized walk-in tub in 110 seconds, depending on the efficiency of your household plumbing. Once you’re done bathing, this means that you can leave your bathtub 3 times faster than with a standard 1 1/2″ drain.

The American Tubs Promise

We are motivated to supply you with the best walk-in tub on the market today; therefore, we promise to work diligently to ensure that you have a bathing experience that meets all your personal needs. With quality construction backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a fully trained staff that cares about your well being, you can be certain that you will enjoy a brilliant experience, every time you bathe.

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