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Replacement Window FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Replacement Window FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When do I know it’s time to replace my windows?fotex2020-12-15T11:03:29-08:00

There are a couple of indicators that it may be time for new windows. Here are some of the following things to look out for:

  • You notice a draft coming through your windows
  • They are beginning to deteriorate
  • Your heating and cooling bills have increased dramatically
  • They are broken, cracked, or very old
  • You notice condensation between the glass
  • They are jammed or stuck in place, and you can’t open or close them
Can I buy quality replacement windows at hardware stores?fotex2020-12-15T11:02:23-08:00

Unfortunately, you cannot. Local hardware stores tend to sell windows that are meant for home builders and contractors. Homebuilders and contractors are usually looking for the cheapest window options to stay within their budget or increase their profit margin.

How often should I replace my home windows?fotex2020-12-15T11:01:31-08:00

When you hire a professional to install high-quality replacement windows, you won’t have to replace them again! They are designed to last homeowners a lifetime and even come with a double lifetime warranty.

Why do some windows have gas between their panes?fotex2020-12-15T11:00:47-08:00

Sometimes gasses like argon are added between window panes to create effective barriers that prevent thermal energy transfer through the window. These gasses are both non-toxic and non-visible. You can tell how effectively the gasses are working by simply touching the glass during a cold day!

Can I install replacement windows myself?fotex2020-12-15T10:59:57-08:00

We do not recommend doing this. Replacement windows have to be installed properly in order to function correctly and work effectively. Doing so yourself may also void the manufacturer’s warranty. One of our trained window installation professionals will help install your new windows for you!

Can vinyl replacement windows save me money?fotex2020-12-15T10:59:04-08:00

Yes, they can! Energy-efficient replacement windows will decrease your energy bill, saving you money month after month. Along with the significant energy savings over time, they can increase your home’s resale value if you ever decide to sell.

How long does the replacement window installation take?fotex2020-12-15T10:58:13-08:00

Each window takes about 30 minutes to install (this is not including trim work and cleanup). The project will almost always take one day but can take two days in some cases, depending on how big the project is.

What is UV block?fotex2020-12-15T10:57:30-08:00

The UV block determines if the windows can keep the sun’s UV rays out of the house. UV rays can damage the interior of a home, fading furniture, flooring, and carpet. Double-paned windows will block the sun’s UV rays while allowing light to enter the home.

What is Low-E?fotex2020-12-15T10:56:30-08:00

Low-E means low emittance, which refers to the energy that radiates from the surface of the body. If the glass is low-E, it means that it radiates low energy, making it more energy-efficient.

What is the solar heat gain coefficient?fotex2020-12-15T10:55:37-08:00

The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) measures the amount of the sun’s heat that can pass through the window. This value, ranging from 0-1, determines how effective a window is at preventing outside heat from entering your home. The lower the number, the less solar heat that passes through the window.

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