Awning windows are designed with a hinge on the top of the frame and swing out from the bottom. The windows are opened and closed either with a handle or a hand crank. They are horizontal and typically placed higher up on the wall to preserve useable wall space or maintain privacy. Additionally, we can add them above large fixed windows or doors to improve ventilation, maximize views, and allow more natural light into the home. They’re great for letting in a cool breeze and allowing hot and stagnant air to flow out of the house. Since they open from the bottom, their design allows them to shed water and can stay open during some wet weather conditions.

Illustration of awning windows

Awning windows form a tight seal around all four corners, making them exceptionally energy-efficient while eliminating drafts. Along with better ventilation, they provide homes with a unique modern look with their minimalist design. They’re great to mix and match with other windows to maximize energy efficiency, airflow, and outdoor views. It’s a great cost-effective choice as they tend to be less expensive than types of windows. Additionally, due to their size and placement, they’re more secure than other types of operational windows. For rooms that need plenty of airflow while maximizing privacy or space, awning windows make a great choice!