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Between-the-Glass Blinds FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Between-the-Glass Blinds FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The blinds seem to be sticking together in the middle, what should I do?fotex2021-01-25T16:22:04-08:00

This is normal due to travel elevation changes of shipment. Blinds need to acclimate / settle for approx. 48 hours to allow air pressure to settle. This issue is typically seen when products are high in elevation or shipped over high altitudes. Our products contain a capillary/ breather tube that equalize the pressure between the sealed panes. If you have any issues after 48 hours, feel free to contact us.

What is your warranty?fotex2021-01-25T16:08:49-08:00

We offer a limited 10-year warranty on all of our products

What if the magnetic handle becomes displaced or disengaged?fotex2021-01-25T16:08:04-08:00

No worries, simply pop it back in and the

How do I operate the blinds or shades?fotex2021-01-25T16:06:36-08:00
Do you offer a warranty on your products?fotex2021-01-25T16:03:21-08:00

We are committed to making and selling the best products for you that look good and last a long time. As much as we believe in our product, we also never know what unprecedented changes may occur at any given moment, which is why we offer a 15-year warranty on all of products.

Are you sure the blinds or shades will never gather dust?fotex2021-01-25T16:02:33-08:00

We are absolutely positive! Say goodbye to cleaning those pesky shades and shutters! Our IG units are tightly sealed so no dirt or moisture will ever enter between the glass. We guarantee.

What’s the difference between blinds and shades?fotex2021-01-25T16:01:21-08:00
  • Blinds and shades between glass are both contemporary, beautiful, and practical upgrades to traditional windows and doors. However, choosing between blinds and shades depends on personal preference.
  • Shades allow you to maintain privacy during the day while letting in natural light through the upper portion of the window or door. When fully raised, privacy shades will let in minimal light and blackout shades will let in no light, providing full privacy.
  • Blinds are great for people who like to let natural light in throughout the day while having them lowered all the way thanks to the “tilt-and-turn” handle. When the blinds are shut, you will experience full privacy and minimal light transfer.
  • Ultimately, the choice is yours!
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