Double slider windows are horizontal windows that slide along a track to open and close and are enclosed in a single frame. They include all the same features of single sliders but with one fundamental difference. Both sashes are operational, meaning they can both slide at the same time. You can enjoy the advantages of having improved airflow on both ends of the window, not just one side. Additionally, double slider windows are easier to clean and maintain as both sashes are easily removable.  

Illustration of double slider windows

They’ve become popular among homeowners due to their added functionality, traditional appearance, and great energy-efficient benefits. Since they tend to be much larger than single or double-hung windows, homeowners place them in rooms that have a great view or need plenty of natural sunlight. They have a clean and minimalist look that works with just about any style of home. If you want to upgrade your windows to energy-efficient double slider windows, we’re here to help!