Bow windows are four or more windows side-by-side that create an arc shape. They’re similar to bay but include more windows and can create a wider space. They’ll provide you with expansive views of the outdoors while allowing in plenty of natural light. Additionally, they can function as more than just windows! Since they protrude out of the home, it increases the floor space inside the house. You can use the space for storage, seating, or to accent the room. Due to their unique and sought-after look, they’ll improve your home curb appeal in overall value. 

Illustration of bow windows

Homeowners can even get creative with bow windows and wrap them around the corner of a building or create an enticing coffee or reading nook on the inside. Installing them on the second floor of your home will give you a bird’s-eye view of the outdoors. A great advantage is that bow windows look great from both the inside and the outside of the house, no matter where you place them. If you need to open up a small room, bring in more light, and get a great view of the outdoors, bow windows are for you!