Bay windows are three windows placed side by side at angled projections. The structure usually consists of a picture window with two other (usually smaller) windows on each side. They are perfect for a sunny nook to sit and read a book. Many homeowners who add bench seats below the windows can place books, shelving, or storage underneath. They help open up small rooms and give you incredible views of the outdoors. Bay windows are one of the best window choices when it comes to curb appeal as well. They’ll make your home stand out while increasing its overall value.

Illustration of bay windows

They are often considered most appropriate for modern homes, though they can work with just about any style. Since they protrude farther out from the wall outside the home, they provide more floor space on the inside. They are usually much cheaper than bow windows even though they have the same sized opening. If you want to maximize a small room, increase curb appeal, invite in more light, and create a cozy nook, bay windows are for you!