Extra Wide and Deep Walk-In Bathtubs

Deep soaking walk-in bathtubs with optional therapy systems.

Extra Wide and Deep Walk-In Bathtubs

Deep soaking walk-in bathtubs with optional therapy systems.

Extra Wide and Deep
Walk in Bath Series

Our extra wide and deep walk-in bathtubs are designed to provide the most spacious and luxurious walk-in tub experience on the market. It offers a fully immersive bathing experience, extra spacious seating, and fast filling and draining time. We offer 18 months financing with no interest and no payments for 18 months on approved credit!

Extra Wide and Deep Walk-In Bathtubs

Options and Features

Standard Features

  • User-friendly and ADA compliant design
  • Marine-grade, fiberglass shell
  • Watertight vinyl door seal
  • One-piece stainless-steel frame
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • Wall extension kit to fit a 60-inch tub opening
  • Removable access panels
  • Easy-to-clean triple gel coat finish
  • Six adjustable tub legs
  • Flangeless design with optional flange kit

Safety Features

  • Low 6-inch threshold entry
  • Built-in safety handlebars
  • 17-inch-high contoured seat
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • In-swing or out-swing entrance door
  • Leak-resistant door drain

Optional Features

  • Therapeutic air massage system
  • Watertight vinyl door seal
  • Ten directional adjustable hydro jets
  • Hydrotherapy massage system
  • Removable access panels
  • Wall extension kit to fit a 60-inch tub opening
  • Flangeless design with optional flange kit
  • Twenty brass chrome air jets
  • Excellent color uniformity

Model 3355

  • The extra-wide bathtub is one of the most spacious walk-in tubs on the market

  • Designed for an all-immersive bathing experience

  • Curved 23½ inch doorway allows for easy entry

  • The 24½ inch wide seat offers added mobility when bathing and soaking

  • Best suited for larger bathrooms and may require doorway widening

Model 3355

Model 3555

  • An industry-leading bariatric walk-in tub providing individuals with a safe and comfortable bathing experience

  • The widest and most spacious walk-in bathtub on the market

  • It fits a standard 60-inch bathtub cutaway

  • Its 23½ inch curved doorway makes it incredibly easy to exit the tub

  • The 27-inch seat is one of the largest seats on the market

  • The design and size emulate a spa-like experience within the comfort of your own home

Model 3055

  • Full 55-inch length tub

  • Height of 46 inches

  • The deepest walk-in tub on the market

  • Offers extra deep construction to encapsulate the essence of a pampering and luxurious walk-in experience

  • Enables bathers to fully immerse themselves in the water while bathing

  • An excellent choice for users who are 6 foot 2 inches tall or taller

  • For an enhanced experience, many homeowners pair the 3055 model with a new, larger hot water heater tank, fast-fill faucets, and 2-inch Hurry Drain for has a maximum drain time of as little as 90 seconds

Model 3055

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