In this article, we would like to focus on Malibu Patio Doors, precisely the handle, and the rollers. Anlin is a family-owned window manufacturer. They’re located right here in California. They’re based out of Clovis, which is near Fresno. They’re the only family-owned window manufacturer in California, a great company, and the most popular products by theirs are the Malibu Patio Doors.

Patio Door Handle

So why are the Anlin Malibu patio doors better than most other patio doors? Anlin only makes vinyl products. In terms of vinyl products, you have to be specific about what type of product we’re talking about. With windows, the material is an essential component of the window products. Vinyl is the most common material that windows are made out of, and Anlin makes only vinyl window and patio door products. Anlin Malibu Doors are beautiful, but outside, Anlin’s handle looks like just your regular run-of-the-mill patio door handle. However, if we look inside the Anlin Malibu Patio Door, we can see that it is filled with metal. So the Malibu Patio Door handle is reinforced with metal, and the handle itself is also metal, so they are high quality.

Patio Door Rollers

Ultimately our favorite feature and the feature that we think separates them from the patio doors from the rest of the pack, among many others, are the rollers. QuadraGlide, the precision sealed bearing roller system, is specific to Anlin, and this is something that separates them from the rest of the companies. The average patio door made by the competitors is going to have wheels that are made out of plastic or some vinyl and a plastic track, possibly with a metal cover.  We all know those old homes where the patio door doesn’t open. It skids along you try to clean it out, and it just becomes a big pain. So Anlin came out with the QuadraGlide and all-metal track with a nice triangular shape, which is the strongest shape possible. Anlin makes Malibu Patio Doors that are as big as 8 feet tall and 16 ft wide. When you add dual-pane tempered glass and all the metal inside, the doors will become very heavy, but with these QuadraGlide wheels, you can open and close the door with one finger.

These features are significant for homeowners picking a patio door replacement for their home. They are the prime reasons why window contractors and Anlin dealers, people who install windows and doors and deal with this every day, definitely recommend Anlin Malibu Patio Doors.