The exterior of your home needs to be both durable and stylish, and one of the best coverings for properties in Southern California is an innovative stucco coating. At California Energy Contractors, we believe in only offering the highest-quality home solutions to our local customers, which is why we carry TexCote COOLWALL® coatings that are built for extreme weather resistance and unparalleled curb appeal.

This innovative textured coating creates a high-tech barrier against weathering, extreme temperatures, and fading, and we can help you choose the ideal color and style from an impressive selection of options—perfectly complementing your family’s home.

TexCote Stucco Coating Systems Delivering Superior Benefits

TexCote COOLWALL® coatings are a unique and innovative way to upgrade the overall appearance of your property with a textured surface that has the look of traditional stucco—without the upkeep. The COOLWALL® surface system utilizes heat reflective technology that is the same type used on military vehicles to reduce heat signatures. Not only does this make this product an incredibly durable solution for handling the extreme climate, but our textured coating systems offer several benefits and innovative features that include:

Energy Savings: Our textured coating products are tested and proven by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to reduce cooling costs by reflecting surface heat so that you don’t have to run your AC system at full power.

Fade Block™ Protection: All TexCote coatings undergo intensive weathering tests that are comparable to those used on modern automotive paints, and they have been proven to be highly resistant to any form of fading.

Customized Style: This unique stucco coating comes in a full spectrum of beautiful colors that enhance any architectural style—from warm, earth-tone hues to cool and calming shades.

Long-Term Durability: The patented COOLWALL® technology used in TexCote coatings reduces heat build-up to limit the stress on your exterior and to provide a highly durable surface that stands the test of time.

Learn More About Our TexCote Coating Systems for Southern California Homes

With a textured coating by TexCote on your property’s exterior, you can sit back and enjoy a stunning home and impressive energy savings—regardless of how high the temperatures get outdoors! If you’d like more information on the benefits and features of our stucco coating products, we invite you to contact California Energy Contractors today.

Just give us a call or fill out our online form, and we’ll get you started with a free estimate and in-home consultation.