When it comes to replacing your aluminum windows, many people find it easy to purchase cheap, standard-sized windows from Home Depot and have a handyman install them. While this may seem like an astute plan, it will actually end up costing you more money AND your home’s appearance. This blog will go over reasons why you need a professional window installer and how custom-sized windows can benefit you.

The Problem with “Handyman” Installations

As most homeowners, we’re always looking for a way to save a buck or two regarding home improvements. This is one of the reasons why people buy cheap windows from Home Depot and choose a non-professional to install their windows. People mistakenly think that they can just hire a handyman and they’ll get a quality window installation at a low price. However, this plan can backfire in many different ways. First or all, the average handyman is not an expert window installer, so you cannot expect the same quality of work compared to that of someone who specializes on professional windows installations that are up to code with State regulations.

Your handyman will break your walls and rip off your windows. They will then nail your new standard-sized window and install flashing paper, chicken wire, coat with stucco, and patch around the window. This process actually requires a lot of skill and knowledge. For example, flashing paper must not be disturbed, and in order to do that, everything must be done perfectly. Stucco is porous, so if the work is done incorrectly, water can get through and cause structural damage (which won’t be cheap to fix).

Cheap Windows are More Expensive

Due to the window being standard-sized, it will require patchwork around the perimeter to cover up for the extra space. This will result in an unappealing look in both the exterior and interior of your home. The handyman will just paint up the patches and leave. Now your house looks terrible. You see scars and unsightly patches on your walls. The only way you can fix this is by re-stuccoing the entire house to hide the cracks and imperfections. This will be an additional $7,000 worth of work. Considering that an average home has about 10 windows this comes to about $700 more per window. If you sum this up with your standard-sized windows, you’ll then see that your “cheap windows” are not so cheap after all.

If you have your home made out of stucco, you’re lucky because, while re-stuccoing will cost you more, at least the look of your home can still be fixed. However, if you have a house with wood siding, fixing it up/making it look good will be nearly impossible. Many homes with wood siding were made about 50 years ago., and finding the exact same size/texture wood today would be very difficult. 2 x 4 wood sidings from 50 years ago used to genuinely measure 2” x 4”. However, today’s 2 x 4s are different. While they’re still called 2×4, they are actually shaved down and measure 1 and 3/4 x 3 and 3/4. They lose a quarter on each side, so your wood-sided home will never look the way it looked before. It will be a mess!

Why Custom Windows Are Your Best Option

So you don’t want to risk installing windows that are not up to code and require re-stuccoing the entire house? What other option is there? Your best option is to install custom windows from a group of professional window installers like California Energy Contractors. With us, there is no need to break walls because we precisely measure your windows and install custom windows that will fit in perfectly. We will fit the window on the frame flawlessly. No need for stucco work. No need for painting. THAT is how precise our work is. Whether you have a stucco home or a house with wood siding, it will not be affected in any way.

Custom windows may cost more initially, but in reality, they’re still cheaper than standard windows considering the fact that you’ll have to re-stucco the entire house if you go that route. Yeah, your handyman may “install windows,” but are they going to leave your house looking like it was untouched? They’ll say that it’ll look good once it’s painted, but in the end, the stucco will never be the same. You’ll have to re-stucco the side of the house where the stucco work was done, or re-stucco the entire house for a consistent look.

Lady Happy With New Custom Windows

Don’t Hire a Window Installer, Hire a Team!

With California Energy Contractors, we don’t just assign a window installation project to a single person. We have window installation teams that work together to provide the best quality work. Every team member specializes in a different aspect of the job and is the best at what they do. Our team’s job is only to install windows, so they know the tricks of the trade. With us, you won’t have to:

  • Break your walls down
  • Patch up around your windows
  • See scars and cracks on your walls
  • Re-stucco your entire home
  • Paint your walls

You’ll just get the best quality windows that are fitted perfectly to your home.


Window replacements are an investment to your home, don’t put it to waste with a mickey mouse job. Non-expert window installers will use the simplest, easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways of replacing your windows. California Energy Contractors is the ideal professional window installer company for you! Whether you ask for it or not, everything we do is up to code with state regulations. So you can rest assured that your windows will not be violating any kind of code. We hope this blog helped you see the reasons why you need to hire a professional window installer. While people choose other options because they seem like a cheaper option, it will most likely backfire. They will get a bad quality job that is prone to issues, an unsightly home aesthetic, and a higher project cost. If you’re ready to get a quality custom window replacement by the experts of California Energy Contractors, give us a call at (855) 779-1413 or click here for a free quote.