Waterproofing your home’s stucco exterior is crucial for preserving its structural integrity and protecting it from the elements. One of the most effective solutions available today is TexCote CoolWall. In this blog post, we’ll explore why water penetrates stucco walls, the waterproofing capabilities of TexCote CoolWall, and the importance of proper application.

Why is Water Penetrating my Stucco Wall?

Water penetration in stucco walls can lead to various issues, including structural damage and mold growth. Understanding the root causes is essential for finding the right solution.

Side-Driven Rain

Stucco, a porous material, can absorb water when exposed to heavy rain or driving winds. Side-driven rain can force moisture through small cracks and imperfections in the stucco surface, causing water penetration.

Incorrect Application of Weather Barrier Paper

Properly installed weather barrier paper serves as a protective layer between the stucco and the structural wall. When applied incorrectly or with inferior materials, it can fail to prevent water seepage. In fact, modern regulations mandate the use of two layers of weather barrier paper to enhance water resistance and protect against penetration.

Water-Proofing Solution: TexCote CoolWall

TexCote CoolWall is an advanced exterior coating system designed to address the challenges of water penetration and protect your stucco walls effectively. TexCote CoolWall’s effectiveness lies in its comprehensive approach. First, any existing water damage must be repaired. Then we will apply proper primer (we use more primer than painter’s use paint) and finally we apply a layer of heat and water reflective coat.

TexCote CoolWall boasts a high level of water repellency, reducing the chances of water penetration. Water molecules are larger than air molecules, therefore they do not penetrate through Coolwall pores, allowing the stucco to still breathe but reflect the water. Its innovative technology also reflects the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays, helping to keep your home cooler and prevent the expansion and contraction of stucco that can lead to cracks.

Is it Possible to Fully Waterproof my Home?

While TexCote CoolWall is a highly effective waterproofing solution, no product is invincible and can guarantee absolute waterproofing under all conditions. Homes settle and shift over time due to the Earth’s movements, leading to structural changes. Even with TexCote CoolWall, there is a minimal risk of water infiltration through cracks if your home experiences significant structural movement—especially here in California. Proper maintenance of your home is essential to maximize TexCote CoolWall’s waterproofing capabilities. Regular inspections and timely repairs of any minor cracks or damage can help maintain the integrity of the coating.

Despite these considerations, choosing TexCote CoolWall remains one of the smartest moves you can make when it comes to waterproofing your home. Its durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal make it a top choice for homeowners looking to protect their investment and enhance their property’s curb appeal.

In conclusion, TexCote CoolWall offers a powerful solution for waterproofing your home’s stucco exterior. When applied correctly, it creates a durable barrier against water penetration, providing long-lasting protection. For expert application of TexCote CoolWall and professional advice on waterproofing your home, turn to California Energy Contractors. Our experienced team specializes in creating energy-efficient and resilient homes. Contact us today to learn more about TexCote CoolWall and how we can help you safeguard your home from water penetration while enhancing its energy efficiency and curb appeal. Your home’s protection and comfort are our top priorities. For a FREE estimate, give us a call at (855) 779-1413 or fill out our form here.