Like popular Spanish Colonial-style homes, many homes in Southern California have a great-looking stucco exterior. The problem is that stucco needs frequent repair, which is costly to maintain. So consider texture coating instead of trying to paint your stucco.

Texture coating provides maximum protection from the elements for your home. It is an advanced, flexible coating for stucco applied by California Energy Contractors. It will protect your house from sun, wind, rain, mildew, and heat for years to come.

Waterproofing Your House

Texture coating allows your house to breathe. Water from the outside can’t penetrate through texture coating, but moisture produced on the interior can leave your home as a vapor. While the paint is not waterproof, texture coating helps protect against mold and mildew growth in humid environments. Unlike paint that fades over time, texture coating can ensure that your home exterior doesn’t look lackluster ever again.

Save Energy

Paint doesn’t do anything except add color to the exterior walls. In fact, it absorbs up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays. So your air conditioning system has to work harder because of the heat that transfers to your home’s interior.

On the other hand, texture coating provides a thick barrier that helps prevent the intrusion of extreme heat and cold air. Your home’s surface temperature will drop by 40 degrees by reflecting the sun’s rays. The US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory states that your cooling bills could see up to 21.9% in savings, so the potential energy efficiency benefits are significant.

Your Home Gains Flexibility

In earthquake-prone California, the ground often shifts beneath our home. With constant movement, our homes would benefit from better protection. With textured coating, your home will gain a good sum of flexibility. This helps reduce the amount of damage your home gets the regular movement. If you go with textured costing instead of regular paint, your home will enjoy superior long-term protection from future home movements.

Maintaining Your Home Exterior

Poor exterior maintenance often results in water damage and rot. Many homeowners strip the paint and repaint the stucco as soon as the paint starts chipping.

There are no special maintenance requirements for texture coating. Light water pressure and mild detergent clean the surface easily if it becomes soiled. Imagine the financial savings on home siding, stucco maintenance, and repairs, and consider the time saved because you don’t have to repaint the house.

Chip, Peel, and Flake Resistance

Regular paint is a fragile, thin substance that begins to deteriorate quickly from normal wear and tear. Wind-whipped sand, eroding rain, and exposure to harsh UV rays will make paint chip, peel and flake. Texture coating is thicker, stronger, and more flexible. So it withstands the elements much better.

Excellent Exterior Color Retention

Giving your home a facelift by repainting it is a great opportunity, but it is also a large expense. California homeowners have to hire someone to repaint a house every 4-6 years. If you decide to paint your house yourself, you will face a huge job that will cost you lots of time in addition to the paint and materials.

A texture coating will help you maintain the gorgeous color of your home because it reflects UV rays, and by doing that, it keeps your home exterior’s color from fading. In fact, once texture coating is applied to your home, the startling truth is that you won’t have to paint your house for many years.

Do Good for the Environment

Texture coating is considered a “green” coating. It makes your home more energy-efficient and protects your house without harming the environment.

Lifetime Warranty vs. Five to Ten Years

Before discovering exterior coating, many homeowners think it’s normal every 4 to 6 years to need to repaint their home. But that is certainly not the case with exterior texture coating. Texture coating becomes a great investment for your home with a lifetime warranty. Especially when you compare it with having to pay thousands of dollars each time to restore a quality look to your house.

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