And Why You Won’t Regret Investing In Them

The craze is continuing to expand into homes all over America. Blinds between glass are known to be an ultra-contemporary, beautiful and practical way to upgrade a home’s look. Nowadays it’s not only being able to have the standard size patio door with blinds between glass that you see online, but also the availability of companies like California Energy Contractors that allow you to customize any window and door with blinds that have brought this product into more homes than ever before!

However, something you don’t see as often as blinds between glass, but are just as practical, beautiful and contemporary are shades between glass. Below are three reasons why shades between glass are the next “thing” for windows and doors, and why you definitely won’t regret investing in them!

  1. Greater Control of Privacy: Shades between glass allow you to choose how much privacy you want to have, by being able to lower them just enough to let light in, but not let any unwanted eyes in.
  2. Greater Control of Light: Shades between glass makes it easy for you to only let as much light in as you want. Whereas when opening blinds, you inevitably open them all, because shades are a continuous piece of fabric (no slits like blinds), you are certain to keep as much light out as you desire!
  3. Greater Customization Options: Shades between glass come in a variety of options that best suit your light and aesthetic needs. You get to choose from white or tan “privacy” shades (can’t see through them, but minimal light seeps through the fabric), and white or tan “blackout” shades (fully blocks out all light).

Aside from these three amazing benefits that you only get with shades between glass, shades also provide a different aesthetic that can give your home a much more contemporary look than traditional blinds, shutters or shades. At California Energy Contractors, we absolutely love our blinds and shades equally, but we are always happy to share reasons why you may choose one over the other!

If you are curious about shades between glass, but still aren’t convinced about them, feel free to email us or give us a call! We are always happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.