Plants have always been a great living decoration for any room in your house, including your kitchen. It is always good to see the colorful flowers and to smell the fragrant herbs which permeate the positive vibes into the space. Unfortunately, some plants can’t grow well indoors due to the lack of sunlight. And to overcome this problem, you can build garden windows. Garden windows adopt the ideas of a greenhouse. They usually feature two stationary windows and one awning window on top. There are many things that you can do with garden windows. So, we’ve collected and shared 7 kitchen garden window ideas that will spruce up your kitchen with panache.

1.  Incorporate Herbs

Do you like making sauces and soups? Then some herbs like basil and parsley have to be always in your kitchen cabinets or drawers as they are indispensable. But instead of storing dry herbs in containers, why don’t you grow some herbs in your kitchen garden window? By growing your own herbs in the kitchen, you can get the ones that you need for your scrumptious soup in no time. More importantly, they are fresh. Besides, some herbs provide a pleasing fragrance that will boost your mood.

2. Display Your Treasures

If you think that garden windows are the place for plants only, you are wrong. It can be used as a fancy showcase in your kitchen in spite of the name suggested.

Just like any other showcase that is usually placed in the living room, a kitchen garden window can do the same. You can display knick-knacks or anything that can please the eyes. Yes! Cooking is somewhat daunting and tiring, so amusing yourself with some decorative plants and photos of your vacation can alleviate it. And you do deserve it!

3. Bring in the Tropical Retreat

Although edible plants like chili and heirloom tomatoes, and herbs like basil and rosemary are commonly grown in the kitchen, you can always opt for any other plant as there is no strict rule about it. Now, ask yourself about the theme that you want to bring to the kitchen. Placing some orchids on your garden window, for example, lends the holiday spirit by bringing the tropical flair. As we know that most tropical plants require bright sunlight, so putting them in the garden window would be a terrific idea. But if your window doesn’t let full bright sun in, consider planting philodendrons, ferns, and begonias. If you want to add some splash of exotic colors, try incorporating anthurium and cordyline into your kitchen garden window.

4. Add Window Treatment

Sometimes a garden window needs to be perked up. You might think that some beautiful flowers and herbs can do this task well. But in some cases, they’re not enough. If you begin to think that your kitchen window looks stark, maybe you should try adding curtains. Simple curtains can amp up your kitchen garden window nicely. You can match the curtains with the planters or flowers that you put there so that they look united. Besides making your kitchen look more appealing, the curtains will offer you some privacy.

5. Add Splash of Colors

An all-white kitchen usually lends a clean and modern look. But for some people, it can seem too hygienic and mundane. If you also find your kitchen looking a little bit tedious, try adding some splash of colors. Feature a vibrant red tea pot that has been turned into a planter. Add some yellows to infuse joy in the kitchen. Add a blue jar and glass to enrich the look of the garden window. You can add any colors and patterns of your favorite. But you mustn’t go overboard though as it can create a haphazard look though.

6. Add Window Blinds

Just like curtains, window blinds can lessen the glare of the sun and serve the ultimate privacy that you have been looking for. Just install the blind right behind the mounted part of the garden window so that the blind can do its job without blocking the sunlight which plays a crucial role for your plant’s growth.

7. No Plants at All

Sometimes it is better to ditch all the plants. You might think it is a little bit weird as a garden is supposed to be used to grow plants. But, hey! It’s your garden, anyway. You can choose any style you want that can add a personality boost. Even if you use your garden window to display some books and your family treasures, it will be just fine. And, remember! Less is more.

We hope these 7 Kitchen Garden Window Ideas inspired you! Give us a call if you would like more ideas of what window and patio door styles would work best in your kitchen. We will come out, review your space and provide a free estimate. Call (951) 698-2885 or click here!