When installing new replacement windows in your home, you may be torn between choosing single-pane or double-pane. If this decision is simply a financial one, you should know that the difference between single pane vs. double pane windows goes much deeper than cost. To help determine which windows will best suit your needs, we’ve broken down the two windows highlighting their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s dive in!

Single Pane Windows

One of the main benefits of single-pane windows is that they are a much cheaper option. While they don’t offer the same insulation or noise reduction as other options, they may work in certain situations. If you live in a temperate climate with little outdoor noise, energy-efficiency and sound reduction may not be of concern to you. If you don’t run your heating and cooling very much and tend to leave your windows open throughout most of the year, you likely won’t have noticeable savings if you go with a double-pane window. While the cheaper windows’ immediate cost savings may be tempting, we recommend setting up a free consultation to determine if single-pane windows can work for you.

Even though you save money on the upfront investment, you will lose money on your monthly bills. As they say, you get what you pay for. Single pane windows can’t insulate your home as effectively as double pane, so whenever you run your heat or air conditioning, most of the energy is escaping out of your window. Your HVAC system will have to work much harder to heat and cool your home, which will be noticeable on your monthly bills. Air escaping through windows accounts for 25%-30% of the home’s heating and cooling usage. Single pane windows do very little to prevent this loss.

Single Pane vs. Double Pane Windows

Double Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are now the standard for newer homes. In fact, contractors can’t legally install single-pane windows in California! Only homeowners can install single-pane windows in homes. As we mentioned earlier, double pane windows are the more expensive, but they are well worth it. Their improved energy-efficiency will provide homeowners with cost savings on their energy bills month after month. With double-pane vinyl windows, you can reduce your energy usage by as much as 24% during the winter and 18% during the summer compared to single-pane windows. Over the long-term, the amount of money you save on your bills will offset the amount you spent on them in the first place. To further insulate your home, windows installed by California Energy Contractors contain a non-toxic, non-visible argon gas in the space between the panes. This design will keep the heat out during the summer and in during the winter! Not only will they insulate your home, but they can significantly reduce outdoor noises. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or on a busy street, they’re a must-have. Speaking of busy neighborhoods, if you live in a highly trafficked area, you know home security is a priority. Double pane glass is more challenging to break and can be upgraded to a laminated security glass, making it even more difficult to puncture.

Single Pane vs. Double Pane Windows

Choosing the Right Windows for You

What do we think about single pane vs. double pane windows? We will always recommend going with double-pane. If you live in a climate that allows you to keep your windows open most of the year, or rarely run your heating or cooling, then single-pane windows may be enough. But, for the majority of homeowners, we highly recommend going with double-pane windows. They’re energy-efficient, reduce outdoor noise, improve home safety from break-ins, and boost your home’s overall value! Remember, the cost you pay for heating and cooling is directly related to the type of windows you have. If you spend a little extra on these windows, you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come. For all your window replacement needs, call us at (855) 779-1413 or contact us on our website. Our team is happy to help and can answer any questions you have.