Are you in the midst of a home renovation or building project and faced with the daunting decision of choosing between standard size window installation and custom sized retrofit windows? This critical decision can significantly impact the aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of your home. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of these window options.

The Cost Factor: Standard Size vs. Custom Sized Retrofit Windows

One of the most significant considerations when choosing windows for your home is the overall cost. Standard size windows may seem like an economical choice upfront, but the hidden costs of installation can quickly escalate. The need for demolition, repairs, and hiring additional contractors for additional work (like stucco work) can significantly impact your budget.

Scenario Example

Let’s say you find a standard-size window priced at $350. However, the installation cost may soar to $800 or more due to the extensive work required, including demolition and repairs. In some cases, the expenses may skyrocket if you decide to re-stucco your entire home to maintain a cohesive and appealing appearance.

Aesthetics: Standard Size Windows vs. Custom Sized Retrofit Windows

Standard size windows may look appealing at first glance, but the aftermath of demolition and repair work can leave a lasting mark on your home’s exterior. Even with a fresh coat of paint, the re-stuccoed areas will not seamlessly blend in with the original finish. This is particularly evident with materials like stucco where achieving a uniform appearance becomes a challenging task. It may not even be possible with other materials like bricks and wood.

  • Stucco: (even after painting): The repaired and repainted stucco may still look unsightly, affecting the overall visual appeal of your home.
  • Wood: It is nearly impossible to repair wooden exteriors without it being noticeable. It will most likely leave noticeable inconsistencies in appearance.
  • Stone/Brick: Trying to fit in a standard size window on a stone/brick home is impossible since it would require breaking the brick/stone. Hard exteriors like these would not be able to be repaired. These types of homes require custom sized retrofit windows only.

Let’s go over a few examples of how standard size window installation can turn out:


A standard size window install will require stucco work around the window. As you can see on the images below, this can be unappealing and ruin the curb appeal of your home. If you want to fix the look, you will have to repaint—if not—re-stucco your entire home if you want it to look seamless and perfect again.

Stucco After Repainting

As you can see in the images below, even after you paint the stucco work around the windows, the work done is still noticeable. The only way to achieve a seamless look would be to re-stucco your entire house—making this choice less cost-efficient than simply going with custom-size retrofit windows in the first place.


Wooden homes can become a mess when it comes to trying to fit in a standard sized window. It’ll destroy your exterior wood work, making it nearly impossible to repair and achieve an unaltered look. The photos below are a common example of what wooden homes can look like after installing standard sized windows.

Seamless Fit and Energy Efficiency: Custom-Size Retrofit Windows

On the other hand, custom sized retrofit windows offer a streamlined solution without the need for breaking down walls, repairing stucco, or repainting. These windows are precisely tailored to fit your existing window openings, providing a snug fit that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also offers superior energy efficiency.

The elimination of extensive construction work translates to a cleaner, more efficient installation process, potentially saving you money. With custom-sized retrofit windows, you won’t need to hire additional contractors for interior and exterior wall repairs, making it a cost-effective and hassle-free choice.

Let’s go over a few custom-sized retrofit window installation examples and see why this choice offers the best in both curb appeal and energy efficiency.

Stone / Brick

As you can see in the images below, trying to fit in a standard-sized window in a stone/brick home would be nearly impossible without destroying the brick/stone. These types of homes require the perfect fit of a custom-size retrofit window. Both the exterior and interior will remain undamaged.

Wooden Home Exteriors

As seen in the images below, custom-size retrofit windows are the ultimate choice for homes with wooden exteriors since they don’t require destroying any of the wood around the window. You can simply enjoy the beautiful results.


And of course, stucco homes always look best with their original stucco. Custom-size retrofit windows leave your home’s stucco intact, looking beautiful—as it should.

California Energy Contractors: Your Partner in Custom Sized Retrofit Windows

At California Energy Contractors, we understand the importance of making the right choices for your home. Our team specializes in installing custom-sized retrofit windows that seamlessly integrate into your existing window openings. We prioritize efficiency, aesthetics, and energy savings, offering you a hassle-free solution that enhances the overall value of your home.

Choosing custom-sized retrofit windows from California Energy Contractors means opting for a stress-free installation process with minimal disruptions to your home. Say goodbye to the mess and expenses associated with standard size window installations, and embrace a solution that truly fits your home—both in form and function.

When it comes to window installations, the choice between standard size and custom-sized retrofit windows is clear. Invest in the beauty, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of custom-sized retrofit windows and transform your home into a space that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Elevate your home’s performance and curb appeal by choosing custom windows—because when it comes to windows, one size does not fit all. For a FREE estimate, give us a call at (855) 779-1413 or fill out our form here.