As most people know, Southern-California experiences year-round sunshine and perfect weather. You can enjoy outdoor activities in the middle of January while the majority of the nation is huddled indoors. While this is a huge perk for those living here, there is a downside for homeowners. Because the sun is beating down on your home day after day, Californians have to repaint their home every 3-5 years. Repainting is necessary to keep your home from looking run-down and prevent the paint from fading, bubbling, or blistering.

If you’ve ever felt the glass of single-pane windows on a hot summer day, you probably noticed how warm they get. Those same rays are hitting the walls of your house, day after day. Regular paint does nothing to prevent this heat from coming into your home. Your only hope is to battle it with your A/C unit, which can quickly run up your bills.

Cool the Interior of Your Home

Thanks to thermal reflective heat-resistant exterior wall paint, you can repaint your house less while saving money on energy bills! The advanced paint technology reflects much of the sun’s heat off your walls before it has the chance to enter your home. With less heat coming in, your HVAC system and energy-efficient products like windows and doors will work drastically better. When the interior of your home stays cooler, you won’t have to run your AC as often. This helps reduce your carbon footprint and keeps your electricity bill low!

Built to Last

One of the best parts of Tex-Cote COOLWALL paint is that it’s designed to last you a lifetime! They test their paints with state-of-the-art weather chambering. Even after more than ten years of sunlight exposure, their paint works at optimal performance, with no end in sight. Along with the paint continuing to reflect heat after 10+ years, the exterior colors stay vibrant. Tex-Cote COOLWALL paint reflects a significant percentage of the non-visible spectrum, which leaves the color relatively unaffected. In addition to saving money on your electricity bills, you’ll also save time and money on repainting!

Choose a Company You Can Trust

To get the most out of your thermal reflective heat-resistant exterior wall paint, make sure to get it applied / installed by professionals! We are certified through Textured Coatings of America, and our installers are trained on the proper Tex-Cote COOLWALL application technique. The manufacturer also includes a limited lifetime warranty against peeling or cracking. For Southern California homeowners, Tex-Cote COOLWALL is a smart long-term investment. If you’re ready to make your home energy-efficient from wall to wall, give us a call at (855) 779-1413 or contact us on our website.