Not much attention is ever put on warranties until the day comes when you need them. If you notice that your Texcote Coolwall has paint bubbling and chipping, then those are clear signs of defects. This is where its warranty comes in, but you’ll first have to have a clear understanding of the way it works. In this blog, we’ll go over how to find the solution to these problems by going over all that you need to know about the details and the extent of the Texcote Coolwall warranty.

Texcote Warranty

If you’re experiencing defects with your Texcote Coolwall system, then we’ve got good news for you: you’re covered for life! The Texcote Coolwall manufacturer’s warranty covers homeowners for the lifetime that they own the home, including a 3-year labor warranty. The warranty applies to paint that experiences peeling, flaking, or chipping from the surface. The lifetime warranty is also transferable to a new homeowner that purchases the house within five years of the date where the Texcote application took place. Keep in mind that it only covers products that were applied to the manufacturer’s specifications. Like all warranties, there are some exclusions. Scenarios where the warranty does not apply includes:

  • Damage resulting from roof leaks, cracking, significant building movement, efflorescence, mechanical or external physical causes, and natural disasters (ex. flood, hurricane, earthquake, wind storms, tornado, hail)
  • New construction, and commercial buildings

Improper Installation of Texcote Coolwall

The improper application of Texcote Coolwall is something that you should pay attention to. The warranty states that “Textured Coatings of America, Inc. shall not be responsible for the improper preparation of the surface including, but not limited to, sand, scrape and/or replace all rotted wood prior to the application of any Texcote® product.” Essentially, Texcote doesn’t cover problems that result from improper preparation. The fault would lay with the contractor who installed it. However, with California Energy Contractors, that won’t be a problem.

Texcote Coolwall Warranty

Choosing a Certified Texcote Applicator

A common occurrence we see is when homeowners have a new inexperienced company apply their Coolwall system. While it may seem fine at the moment, we recommend that you not go that route. Running a business long-term is difficult, and these newer companies may close after a couple of years. If they misapplied the system, then homeowners will be left with a failing Texcote job that will be very costly to fix. For this reason, you must find a reliable and experienced company that will, first of all, apply it properly, and secondly be there in the long run in case there’s a problem. California Energy Contractors is just that company. We are Texcote Coolwall certified applicators and have been in the business since 1999. Certified applicators are required to pass a background check and complete a course on the proper Texcote application techniques. Since a certified installer will properly apply the Texcote system, the warranty will cover you even if the company goes out of business.

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