With the invention of online videos like YouTube, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects became a lot more feasible for many homeowners. A DIY project is great because you save money, learn something new, and honestly have some fun while doing it! But when it comes to replacement windows, doing it yourself isn’t the best route to go (unless you worked as a window installer). We aren’t saying this to keep you from saving money; we’re saying this to help you avoid a mistake that may be costly in the future. In this article, we’ll look at a couple of reasons why replacing your windows isn’t a great DIY project.

You Need The Right Tools

An average household does not have the specific tools you need to successfully install replacement windows and patio doors. A range of saws, measuring devices, and woodworking gear would need to be purchased specifically for the project, making it extremely expensive.

It would be more economical to hire a professional window installation company, someone who knows exactly how to measure, fit, and seal the windows correctly.

Skills and Experience

Quality window installers have handled complex situations repeatedly, so they know exactly what to do if things do not go as planned. It is especially important if you are not just looking to insert a replacement window into the existing frame but to remove the entire frame and trim of the existing window and replace everything together. It requires superior skills, training, and experience to do the project right the first time.

Higher Quality Work

Higher quality work will increase the resale value of your home. Windows and doors that are installed well not only look good but function seamlessly. With professional installation, you get peace of mind knowing that you do not have to worry about repairing your windows in the near future. That way, you will avoid problems that may arise with a sloppy installation.

Custom Built Windows

One of the main reasons for getting new replacement windows is to customize them to your preferences. If you’re installing the windows yourself, then your options are very limited. You’ll have to shop at your local home improvement store, which most likely only has builder grade windows. These won’t work for homeowners who want to customize their windows. A professional window installer can have a window manufacturer modify the window, color, and finish to match the architecture of the home.

You’ll Be Covered

Imagine you’re almost finished with your project, and something gets damaged or broken. Not only would this be incredibly frustrating, but now the cost of the project has just doubled! Professional window installers are insured, so you’re covered if any damage happens to your property during the installation. Since you’ll be compensated for any damages, the cost of your project won’t skyrocket.

Quicker Installations

As most DIY-ers know, the timeline of the project can take much longer than expected. Your windows are an easy access point into your home, so you wouldn’t want your window installation project to take 1-2 weeks. This would let in unwanted critters, a cold draft, or could get a burglar’s attention. Ground floor windows can take a while to replace, but it will take much longer if you want to replace upper-floor windows. With the professional installer’s knowledge and experience, they can typically get the job done in just one day!

You Don’t Want to Miss Out on an Incredible Warranty

Most window manufacturer’s warranties won’t cover any mistakes unless the windows were installed professionally. When installing the windows yourself, you run the risk of making a small mistake that turns into a bigger problem down the road. If this happened with a professional, the manufacturer would cover the cost to fix it. Plus, most replacement window companies are so sure of their products, their warranty will last a lifetime!

If your home is ready for some new windows, remember that replacing your windows isn’t a DIY project. You can trust California Energy Contractors to get the job done right! Give us a call at (855) 779-1413, or you can contact us on our website.