What is the best walk-in tub on the market?

California Energy Contractors partnered with American Tubs to provide the best walk-in tubs on the market. Nothing is as relaxing as taking a bath at the end of a hard working day. Unfortunately for seniors and disabled, getting in and out of the bathtub can be one of the most hazardous activities of the day. Slipping is the foremost concern, along with the loss of balance. Using a walk-in tub is one of the best ways to create a safe environment for seniors and the disabled. There is also a built-in seat that allows them to sit and bathe comfortably and safely. The walk-in bathtub has a lock that, once locked, will seal and keep water inside of the tub.

Additional Benefits 

In addition to the safety features, most walk-in bathtubs are equipped with features such as hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy gives total relaxation, improves general health, detoxifies the body, and is a proven cure for headaches. The air jets produce millions of tiny bubbles that gently massage every part of the body. Because of this, walk-in tubs allow easy pressure on joints, ligaments, and muscles. The warm and soothing water improves circulation, increases blood flow, and oxygenation. This helps relieve the pressure on nerves and other ailments. Walk-in tubs are remarkable for the relaxation, comfort, and safety they provide for the whole family. Especially the elderly, immobile, and injured.

To ensure safety, the walk-in tub floor is slip-resistant, and furthermore, draining the pool is quick, easy, and efficient. American Tubs include craftily designed grab bars for additional stability. Aromatherapy is also an option given by American tubs for eternal relaxation. Scented crystals may be placed in an aromatherapy diffuser. Whether you like the scent of citrus lavender or peppermint, any choice is excellent for relieving stress after a long day.

American Tubs’ inspiration behind the design of every walk-in bathtub is luxurious safety and functionality. For this reason, the tubs are made with fiberglass and gel coat shells, which are manufactured with premium materials right in their warehouse. The motor mount platform is located under each bathtub and behind the access panel for ease of service and maintenance.

California Energy Contractors offer well fit designs with our walk-in tubs that empower those you love the most in your life. It gives them dignity and independence of taking care of their personal hygiene needs. Walk-in tubs installed by California Energy Contractors are the ultimate choice for accessibility and pure comfort.