In this video, Alex of California Energy Contractors is talking about the number one window issue that worries homeowners during the rainy season in Southern California. The most common call California Energy Contractors get from people during big rains is about the water on the inside of the window tracks. People are very concerned because they are afraid that the water will enter their homes.

Fortunately, the windows are not broken, and this phenomenon is normal. The windows are designed in a particular way with a stationary piece that does not let any water come through and another portion of the window that slides over to the side or goes up and down. The sliding portions of the windows have a bug screen and when the wind is driving the rain through the bug screen the water comes right in, it will start sitting inside the frame until there is a lot of it, and then it will begin draining itself out the weep holes.

Weep holes are small openings or gaps typically found on the exterior bottom of a window frame, door, or wall system. These holes are designed to allow water or moisture to drain out from the inside of the structure and prevent water from accumulating in the frame or wall cavity. Weep holes are especially important in areas with high rainfall or moisture, as they help to prevent water damage, mold growth, and other related problems. Older windows without weep holes, can collect water in the frame or wall cavity and cause rot, decay, and other structural damage over time.

While weep holes are usually very small, they play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of a building and structure. It is important to ensure that weep holes remain unobstructed and functional, as clogged weep holes can lead to water penetration and damage. Regular inspection and maintenance of weep holes is recommended to ensure proper drainage and prevent potential problems.

However, during heavy rains, people do get concerned and window professionals are here to assure you that the water accumulating on the inside of the vinyl window tracks is not really a big deal. It might be an eyesore, but it is not going to become a bigger problem. This water is going to drain right out and come out of the weep holes at the bottom to the outside. And all the residual water that does stay in the frame will evaporate with better weather.

The strong winds and rain will not overwhelm your window frames as long as your weep holes are clean of debris. So it’s crucial to maintain your energy-efficient double-pane windows and make sure that your track is clean. At California Energy Contractors, we advise doing this once every six months or before the rainy season starts. It is a good idea to just take a look inside. Sometimes you have spiders and bugs that somehow get inside the frame and clog up the weep holes.

Checking for bugs and debris is one of the ways every homeowner should maintain their windows, but there are other things you can do to make sure the windows are performing well. On a nice day when it is not raining, close your window, go outside with a water hose, and blast a lot of water right through the screen of your window. All this water is going to go through the screen, wash it, go into the track system, and it will wash out all the dirt, including the bugs that have died in the screen. All kinds of ants and spiders will get washed out. Be sure you lock your windows before you take a water hose to wash it. This will help keep the system free of any kind of debris. As long as you do this, you won’t have to worry about the water overflowing during the rainy season. And remember, don’t be afraid if you get a little bit of water accumulating on the inside of your track. That water will not come in. Again, it has a lip that holds that water in. It’ll not accumulate enough to come inside your house, no matter how big the rains are, because whenever we do a water test with a water hose, we’ve never had any problems with pouring so much water into the window that it actually comes out on the inside. Weep holes are strong enough and capable enough to bring all that water out. The same system goes for sliding glass doors, and actually, any kind of window will have a weep hole—except for picture windows. Picture windows will not have weep holes as they have no reason to have any.

At California Energy Contractors, we have all kinds of Windows in our warehouse that are available in various different colors. We can go ahead and give you an estimate for any window or patio door replacement project. We hope you got some peace of mind out of this explanation and be assured that you’re your house will not get wet as long as your weep holes are free of any kind of debris. If you are ready to improve your home with energy-efficient windows, the experienced team at California Energy Contractors is here to help. Give us a call at (855) 779-1413, or click here for a FREE estimate!