Repainting your home’s exterior can be quite a task to take on. Throughout the process, there are many things to consider, from budgeting to deciding which company to work with to determine which paint and brand you’re going to use. In our latest blog, Paint vs. TEX-COTE®, we go over the pros and cons to spare you from doing all the extra research on exterior coatings. That way, you can get right to it!

The Pros of Paint

Paint has been in production since the early 1800s. Due to its long history, it is trusted by many. Paint manufacturing companies have developed paint products that are affordable and consistently reliable. Many homeowners choose paint due to its fast-drying period and relatively easy application.

The Cons of Paint

Paint formulas have not evolved much since the ban of lead-based paints in 1978. Since removing lead from their ingredient list, they have remained essentially the same. While paint manufacturers continue to produce the same products over the years, other companies have taken to the drawing board to develop better exterior coating solutions.

While the initial cost of paint may be lesser than its alternative, it lacks in durability and longevity. On average, paint coatings last between 2-5 years, generally requiring more upkeep. In extreme temperatures and high humidity, homes with paint experience faster fading, peeling, and chipping rates than homes with other exterior coatings options.

Paint formulas are not breathable. Homes with porous surfaces such as stucco require breathable coating technology to keep moisture from building up between the coating and the wall itself. Trapped moisture can cause premature peeling or chipping and, in some cases, the development of black mold.

Pros of TEX-COTE®

TEX-COTE® is derived from the term “textured coating.” TEX-COTE® is a top coating brand that provides homeowners with effective heat-reflective technology. Together, homeowners can expect comfortable indoor temperatures despite outdoor conditions. Its unique blend of volcanic ash, acrylic, and polymers allows homeowners the ultimate durable exterior coating product. It comes in over 570 colors all of which remain vibrant for decades to come. TEX-COTE® exterior coating products are resistant to peeling, fading, chipping, moisture, mildew, and the most extreme temperatures. They are perfect for Southern California as they are certified Class A fire retardant. With each TEX-COTE® application comes a lifetime limited warranty.

The Cons of TEX-COTE®

To maximize the benefits of any TEX-COTE® product, you would need the help of a licensed contractor. A licensed contractor has been trained to carefully prepare and apply TEX-COTE® to your home. With a licensed contractor, you can ensure the longevity of your application.

Initial costs of TEX-COTE® products are slightly more than their counterparts. While it is easy to be put off by their price tag, keep in mind that the upkeep isn’t required as they are designed to last a lifetime.

Paint vs. TEX-COTE®

Deciding which product is right for you will ultimately depend on your budget, needs, and wants. If you’re looking for an expert to help you make the right decision, please feel free to reach out! At California Energy Contractors, we are dedicated to helping homeowners like you make all the right home upgrades.