Has the time come for you to replace your windows? If so, you surely must be considering your windows options—such as getting your windows with grids or not. Before making a decision, it’s important that you understand the history and purpose of window grids. In today’s blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know about windows grids so that you can see whether they’re a good feature for you or not.

What are Window Grids?

Window grids, also known as muntins, are the criss-cross patterns you see on many windows. In the past, grids had an important function. Glass wasn’t as abundant as it was today. The bigger the panes were, the more difficult it was to transport them. That’s why many people opted for shipping them in smaller panes. They were less likely to break and significantly easier to transport. With the panes of glass being small, window installers would connect them using grids to create a full-sized window.

Today, glass is more abundant and easier to transport, so smaller panes of glass are no longer necessary. Windows grids are now solely used for aesthetics rather than purpose. Now that you know what window grids were and are today, it’s time to answer the overarching question: should I get replacement windows with grids or not?

Should I Get Replacement Windows with Grids or Not?

Since grids are mainly about looks nowadays, it all really comes down to your personal taste. If you like the way window grids look, go for it—but there are a few things you need to be aware of first.

Windows with Grids Don’t Fit with All Architectural Styles

While gridded windows look great on homes with older, more traditional architectural styles, it does not always work with all other architectural styles out there. If you have a more modern-styled home, grids may not always fit in too well. Take a look at your home and try to envision the grids. If it looks out of place, skipping on the grids may be a better route.

Windows With Grids Obstruct the View

Another critical factor to take into account is that window grids are known to obstruct the view you have through the window. They tend to draw attention away from the view while interrupting the flow between your interior and exterior space. If you really value the view through your windows, it may be best to skip the grids.

Window Grid Styles

Window grids are available in many different styles. There are three grid styles and three grid patterns you can choose from:

Grid Styles:

      • Flat (5/8”)
      • Sculptured (5/8”)
      • Sculptured (1”)

Grid Styles

Grid Patterns

      • Colonial grids
      • Perimeter grinds
      • Queen Anne grids

Grid Patterns

Perimeter grids and Queen Anne grids can also have double perimeter grids.

All things considered, the question of whether to get replacement windows with grids or not comes down to your personal values and preferences. As an experienced window company, California Energy Contractors has seen that homes without grids enjoy more benefits, such as nicer views and a more modern aesthetic. While we prefer the fresh look of gridless windows, we’re more than happy to install gridded windows if that’s what you’d prefer. Give us a call (855) 779-1413 or click here for a FREE window replacement estimate!