Did you know that your old leaky windows might be responsible for 25-30% of your energy bill? If you have decided that it is time to get new replacement windows, research the most energy-efficient models to make sure you get the benefits you are expecting out of this project. However, the installation is just as important as the windows themselves, and if you want the performance the windows promise, you need to research window installation companies as well. At California Energy Contractors, we have the optimal materials that will withstand the test of time because they are manufactured and installed according to the best standards in the industry. We offer a no-obligation in-home estimate, and we can help you determine if it is time to replace your windows. Here are the warning signs our professionals look for when they perform the evaluation.

Sign 1: Gaps Between The Frame And Sill 

This is often the case when a homeowner decides to install the windows themselves. If your window is measured properly, it fits into the opening like a glove. There are no gaps and cracks around it, and if there are gaps, the measuring wasn’t done right. The window manufacturer might be able to help you under a warranty if there is such an error, but only if you have a warranty that is still in effect. The most reputable manufacturers will only want their authorized dealers installing their windows to ensure the installation is done correctly. In many cases, you can’t even get the product unless it is from an authorized dealer and a DIY installation automatically forfeits the product warranty.

Sign 2: Windows That Don’t Open Or Close Right 

One of the major reasons people get new windows is so they can have windows that are operable. If your windows are newer, but they still don’t open or close easily, the window installation could be the issue. You don’t want to ignore that problem because it will likely only get worse. Windows that don’t operate right are a security hazard and will only lead to more problems down the road, so it is better to deal with that right away and replace your windows and patio doors.

Sign 3: Drafts And Water Damage 

Air and water shouldn’t pass through your windows—especially when they are brand new. If you feel a draft or see water damage coming through after a rainstorm, it is a red flag. It means that you’ll have higher energy bills because your windows don’t perform as they should. It all leads back to the age of your windows, inferior products, or improper installation, and it’s something that could damage your home and make you dear with repair bills over and over again. We bet you’ll want to get things fixed up as soon as you can.  

Sign 4: Uneven Caulking 

The caulking around the outside of the window weatherproofs the seals on the window. If that line is messy, uneven, or even patchy, someone may have cut some corners during the installation. If you decide that you want to get your windows installed new construction style, make sure you deal with the whole wall, not just the area around your windows. It is truly impossible to make it look good unless you redo the stucco and paint the entire side of the house. The caulking can be messy and unsightly, but it can also be leaky, letting the air in and out of your house and defying the purpose of new replacement windows.  

High-performance, energy-efficient windows are an investment, and you want them to keep your house efficient, cool, and protected. Even if you think you found the best windows of the highest quality, they won’t perform as they should unless they are properly installed. To get good windows and the perfect installation, contact California Energy Contractors. We understand that quality windows are only half the battle. We’ll help you choose the right products, and then our factory-trained professionals with years of experience will install them for you. We’re here to answer your questions about replacement windows, window installations, or other home improvements.