When you are working on getting replacement windows for your home, you want to feel like you know everything you need to make the best decision for your house. If you’ve never gone through the process before, that can be challenging because of the wide variety of replacement window options on the market today. However, learning about replacement windows can help you get more familiar and more confident about selecting the right options. Here are some basic things that you need to know if you would like to gain further insight.

Double Pane Replacement Windows Cut Down More Than Drafts

If you have old, single pane, drafty windows, you know that getting double pane windows will eliminate air leaks. A bonus to that is that you also can cut down on the outside noise that comes into your house. It’s a side effect that is most welcomed. No more traffic or barking dogs to disrupt your peace. Ask your California Energy Contractor’s window replacement expert about our sound package that reduces up to 50% of outside noise, making your home a quieter, more comfortable place to 

Leaky Windows Steal Your Money

You don’t want anyone reaching into your wallet and taking money that doesn’t belong to them, right? In essence, that’s what old windows are doing. When you get new replacement windows put in, you’ll understand that, and you’ll save money every month on your energy bills, so your wallet will stay much fuller than it did before.

Wood Windows Are Too Much Work

If you have wood windows now, you might assume you want them again. Wood windows can definitely be beautiful and welcoming. However, when you look further into the options, you might start to dream about having your weekend time back when you don’t have to do maintenance on the windows any longer. That’s certainly possible when you get another material—like vinyl—that doesn’t require yearly maintenance tasks.

High-Performance Low-E Glass Reflects Heat

Suppose you want your home to be as protected from the sun as you can; go for three or four layers of low-E glass. This metallic reflective coating shoots the sun’s rays back out in the summer. You don’t get heat inside your house from the sun, but you do get the natural light you want. Plus, it blocks UV rays, so there’s no more fading for your furniture and upholstery. And, in the winter, the heat is reflected back into your house when you have the furnace running, so you’re more comfortable as well.

There are plenty of other window facts you’ll want to know as you go through replacement window options, but these will get you started in understanding a bit more about the windows you might want to have placed in your home. To get more information on anything you want to know, contact the experts at California Energy Contractors. We’re here to help in any way we can. We want to provide you with the information you need to make the best, informed decisions for your home. For a free no-obligation estimate, give us a call at (855) 779-1413 or fill out a form here https://cal-energy.com/free-estimate/.