Tips on How to Measure Your Replacement Windows

Properly measuring a window is vital for successfully replacing a window. Doing this step incorrectly can ruin the entire project. So how do you measure a window correctly? In this blog, we’ll cover tips on how to measure your replacement windows accurately to ensure that you get the correct replacement windows for your home.

Start with the Width of the Window

When we are talking about window replacement or describing the size of a window, the width is always the first measurement taken. It is important to remember this when we’re measuring or ordering a new window.

How to Measure the Width of a Window:

Take out your tape measure and measure the width horizontally between the side jambs. Measure from jamb to jamb three times at the top, middle, and bottom part of the window. In order to take accurate measurements, it is also recommended to move the sash out of the way.

Write the top, middle, and bottom measurements and circle the smallest measurement out of the three. Deduct a quarter of an inch from it and you will get the main measurement, the one you would want to give to your window replacement company.

The Window Height Comes Next

Now you can move on to the height of the window. The height of the window is very similar to the width measuring process that you are already familiar with, so it will be very simple.

How to Measure the Height of the Window:

Using your tape measure, measure the height vertically three times, at the left, at the right, and the middle of the window. Measure the space between the jamb (the top of the window) and the window sill (the bottom of the window).

Write your three measurements and pick the smallest. Deduct a quarter of am inch and it will be your window height.

Use a level to check if your window sill is sloped. If it is then you should measure from the highest point, which is usually right against the window.

Construction worker using bubble level while installing window indoors, closeup

Next, We Measure the Depth or Square of the Window

When it comes to measuring the depth of the window, there are two ways you can tackle it. You can either measure the square of the window or its’ depth. The two methods will be covered in the article, so keep on reading!

How to Measure the Depth:

  1. Measure the window’s depth by running your measuring tape measure from the interior side of the frame to the exterior side. Take the measurements from edge to edge of the window frame.
  2. You can take various measurements from different locations of the frame.
  3. List all the measurements and select the smallest one as your final dimension for your depth.

Tip: If you cannot open your window, you can measure the depth of the window on both sides of the glass and add them together. Remember to add the thickness of the glass, which is usually around 1/16 of an inch or 2mm thick.

Another Way to Measure Depth:

  1. Measure the depth of the jamb through the deepest section of the window. If you’re mearing a non-rectangular window, measure from the center to the face of the frame and add 1/2 an inch.

How to Measure the Square:

  1. There’s another method to get the final dimensions of a window, and it’s through the square. First, measure the diagonals of the window frame (upper left to lower right, and upper right to lower left) as precisely as possible.
  2. Jot down the two measurements (diagonal 1 and diagonal 2). If the measurements are within 1/8 an inch of each other, you’re good to go! If it is more than 1/8 an inch, then the new window might have to be ordered with a smaller width to compensate for the installation.

Now that you’ve got the right measurements, you can confidently take your window measurements to window replacement companies to give you a quote. While it’s an excellent idea to measure your own windows, the best method is to let a professional window installer measure your window and handle the entire project for you. That way, you’re not liable for any measurement mistakes. At California Energy Contractors, our highly experienced team of windows installers will handle this task for you. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be getting the correct windows for your home. We hope this blog helped you learn how to measure your replacement windows. It’s always good to know! If you’re thinking about replacing your windows, give California Energy Contractors a call at (855) 779-1413, or click here for a free estimate!