While you get replacement windows in Los Angeles, CA, for energy efficiency purposes, family members, friends, and neighbors aren’t going to ask to see your energy bills. But there are plenty of things that people in your life will notice about your replacement windows. So when you are still deciding on what replacement windows to purchase, keep in mind the details that people really notice if you want to make an impression with your replacement window investment.

Replacement Window Color

One of the first things anyone will notice about the windows on your house is the color. You want to take extra care in choosing something that fits into your home’s style in just the right way. Many people simply choose white. It’s the most popular color because it’s clean and it goes with anything. Not only will it look great now, but you don’t have to worry later if you paint your house a different color. Another recently popular color is black because it can contrast with light colors nicely. But those aren’t the only options. You can get something that matches your house and blends in or something that really stands out.

At California Energy Contractors, we carry replacement windows in twelve designer colors, from Architectural Bronze to Forest Green, so you can really customize and enhance your home’s look. These reflective window frame colors will also help keep your home cooler because even the darkest colors reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it as ordinary paint does. In addition, our replacement window colors are more durable than paint and are non-hazardous. They are covered by a full lifetime warranty, so you can invest in designer windows with confidence.

Replacement Window Styles

If you change the style of your windows, the people around you will notice it immediately. If you put a bay or bow window in, for example, they’ll notice the extra light, the infusion of style, and the extra space in your house. If you put in double-hung windows where casement windows used to hang out over the patio, they might notice more space. Any positive changes you make to the replacement window styles is something that is rarely done as a stand-alone project and the best time to do it is when you replace all your windows at the same time.

Replacement Window Hardware

While neighbors who stay outside your home may not notice the hardware, anyone who comes into your house has the opportunity to see it. If you choose the right hardware, it can be like a finishing touch not only on the windows but on the entire room. Hardware can stand out as something unique and impressive, or it can blend in. Family might comment on how it matches the door handles or how it really stands out and looks elegant in the space. Anyone who opens or closes a window in your home is sure to notice the hardware, and you want just the right fit. At California Energy Contractors, you can select contemporary or traditional door handle styles. You can also select the colors for your window locks and door handles (from White to Satin Black to Polished Brass) and make sure they match perfectly.

These are just a few of the things that others will notice about your replacement windows in Los Angeles, CA. And while you want to impress people and get the right aesthetic elements, you also want to ensure that energy efficiency and upgrades, among other things, are just right for your home. Contact the experts at California Energy Contractors, and we’ll help you put everything together in just the right manner. We’ve done it for many years, so we won’t let you forget anything or leave anything important out. Call us at (855) 779-1413 to get started.