Once you notice issues with your windows, they become difficult to ignore. Common problems include windows that are cracked, foggy, broken, leaky, or somehow not performing correctly. Today we’ll look at window repair vs. window replacement to determine which option is best for you. When deciding the best option, you’ll need to consider what’s causing the problem and how severe it is.


While most homeowners want to replace their faulty windows, the overall cost tends to be a highly influential factor in the decision-making process. While some windows are easy to repair, it may not be possible for others. For example, single-pane are easy to fix, but double or triple-pane windows can be incredibly difficult. Keep in mind that repairing an old window may be quite expensive, only to have more problems arise down the road. Let’s look at which scenarios are best for repairs and which are best for full replacements. 


When to Repair Your Window

Minor water leaks: If you notice a small amount of water making its way into your home through your windows, it’s likely coming around the windows, not through them. Drainpipes and gutters that are poorly draining may force water towards your windows. While window seals hold water back, they’re not designed to withhold water of such great force. You may be able to remedy the problem by re-routing your drainage system. 


Window sash that is stuck: A common problem older windows encounter is that they can become stuck or difficult to open and close. While there are a couple of different possible causes, the problem typically doesn’t require a full replacement. It may be due to the window hardware or a buildup of dirt. Check with your window manufacturer for their instructions on hardware maintenance and cleaning. 


Damaged exterior window casing: Exterior casing that is rotting, cracking, or missing not only makes your home look unattractive but may lead to window damage. While it’s necessary to get fixed, it does not require the entire window to get replaced. Removing the existing casing and replacing it with a new one should solve the problem. 


Cracked/broken glass (for single pane): Broken or cracked glass is important to replace because, in addition to obstructing your view, it becomes a potential safety issue. While the glass can easily be replaced on single-pane windows, it won’t be easy for double-pane windows.


When to Replace Your Windows

Foggy windows with indoor condensation: Foggy windows are a result of water condensation inside double-pane or triple-paned glass. Because modern windows are pre-sealed and permanent, it’s unlikely the panes can be disassembled and rebuilt. Replacement is the best option for fixing foggy windows.


Major water leaks: Excessive water leakage around the window may indicate the exterior casing is failing. This problem involves the exterior as a whole, and replacing the window will be the best course of action.


Cracked/broken glass (for double or triple pane): Unlike single-pane windows, the glass of double or triple-pane windows is much more difficult to repair. Chips, cracks, or holes are problems that usually need immediate attention before they get worse. If the damaged glass is in a cheap window frame, it’s much more practical to replace the window as a whole. 


Structural problems: When the outer structure of the windows begins to fail, repairs won’t fix the issue. It’s time for a new replacement window. You’ll want to have someone check the surrounding area of the window as well to make sure the studs, siding, insulation, and house sheathing are in good shape. If there’s damage in the surrounding area, you may need to rebuild parts of the wall as well. 


When to Give California Energy Contractors a Call

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