You’ve decided to upgrade your windows, you’ve found a trusted company, and you’ve picked out your favorite replacement windows. Are there any steps you’re missing? If you live in a homeowner association community, there’s a big one! Depending on the HOA requirements, updating the exterior of your home can be a big deal. You wouldn’t want to put in all new replacement windows, only to find out that they don’t comply with the community guidelines. It would be unfortunate and costly to have to take down your new windows and start over again. If you want to make changes to your home without getting fined for violating your neighborhood bylaws, read on!

Why Do I Need HOA Approval? 

Typical associations require board member approval before making any structural or aesthetic changes to the building’s exterior. Why is this? The goal of homeowner associations is to help maintain a cohesive atmosphere in the neighborhood and keep the community’s overall home values high. They’ll safeguard homeowners’ property values and protect their investment. Residents are not allowed to collect junk in their yard or let their property descend to a level that would lower their neighbor’s property value as well. The association maintains the community with landscaping and neighborhood amenity maintenance with the money they collect. HOA contracts are more than just a suggestion; they’re legally binding!

What if I need approval ASAP? 

If your HOA rarely meets or you are unsure of when they do, it can become challenging to get your written request approved in a timely matter. You may be subject to fees if you make updates to your home’s exterior before your request is approved. The best way to know what your HOA requirements are is by checking your bylaws. The contract will specify the penalties and fees associated with failing to wait for board member approval. If you want to speed up the process, you can directly reach out to a board member and get advice on how to proceed. Talking with a member will give you a better idea of which exterior changes are accepted and how often the association meets.

They Denied My Request; How Can I Change Their Decision?

If the board denied your exterior improvement request, know that not all hope is lost! You still have a couple of options to help change their decision.

  • Propose a compromise with the board to try and reach a decision that benefits both parties. For example, if your replacement window request was denied, you could suggest another window that looks more similar to your existing ones.
  • Write a request for a variance, which is essentially asking to be an exception to the rule. You will need to get approval from the board and, in some cases, from the property management.
  • You can always join the board! With active involvement, you can make a difference in your neighborhood and own home. While it’s not a quick-fix solution, you can make larger-scale changes and improve the other homes in your community.

How We Can Help

At California Energy Contractors, we will take care of the approval process for you! We’re an approved contractor with most HOAs in the area. We’ve been working with companies like Ross Morgan & Company and Golden Rain Foundation for over ten years. Communities like Leisure World, Leisure Village, and Bear Valley Springs trust us with our window replacement work. If you have any questions about HOAs or replacement windows, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (855) 779-1413 or through our website.