When doing home renovations, replacing old windows is typically a high priority on most homeowners’ lists. No one wants to have a draft in their home or gaps for critters to crawl through. If you’ve decided to upgrade your windows, you may be wondering, “how much do double-pane windows cost?” While this number depends on many things, we’ll help give you get an idea of the price so you can get a rough estimate for your project.

Average Cost

If you need to get a quick number, we won’t make you read this entire article before telling you. Here’s the average cost California homeowners can expect to pay for a double pane replacement window:

$400-$1500 per window.

The price range depends on the style of window, type of glass, size, and so on. If you want to get an exact number, we highly recommend scheduling a free estimate with one of our friendly team members. We’ll come out to your home, determine which types of windows your need, and make some measurements to give you a more exact number. Don’t worry; it’s a no-pressure and no-obligation consultation.

What are Double Pane Windows?

As you may have guessed by the name, double pane windows are made from two panes of glass separated by a spacer. The space in between the panes is filled with either air or argon gas. You can upgrade the glass to improve security, increase energy efficiency, and block UV rays. Its tight seal prevents any air from leaking through the window frame into your home. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out our blog about the benefits double pane windows have over single-pane windows!

Costs to Consider: Installation Costs

When looking at the price of replacement windows, you may find some companies advertising their incredibly low costs. Before handing them your credit card, you may want to do a little bit of digging and see if the price includes installation or not. Purchasing the windows is only half of the equation. You can have some of the most expensive top-of-the-line windows, but if they’re installed incorrectly, they won’t work.

Not all windows are created the same, and some are easier to install than others, resulting in a range of labor costs. It’s charged per project or hour and typically includes removing and disposing of the previous windows and frames.

Costs to Consider: Number of Windows Installed

Often, when homeowners need to replace all of the windows in their home, they may decide to do them in phases. While this seems to be easier financially, it will cause the project’s overall cost to be higher.

For each window replacement project, a technician has to come out to the home to measure, then again to remove the old windows and install the new ones. The more windows you do at a time, the less the technician will have to visit. Generally, you’ll start to notice that labor costs go down after replacing five windows at a time.

Costs to Consider: Replacing All the Windows in Your House

The biggest factor that affects the overall price of the project is how many windows need replacing. In California, homes tend to have around 8-15 windows and if the homeowners decide to replace all the windows, they will immediately start saving money on their energy bills. It also saves time by not having to go through the construction project twice.

Are Double Pane Windows Worth the Cost?

If your home currently has single-pane windows and you have high energy bills, they are well worth the cost! Your space will stay cooler during the summer, warmer during the winter, and you’ll save on your heating and cooling bill month after month. We should mention that changing just one or two windows may not make a significant difference. The more single pane windows you replace, the more energy-efficient your home will be. Think of your windows as a barrier to your home, keeping you at a comfortable temperature. To determine if they’re worth the cost, check out some of their benefits:

  • Increase home security
  • Year-round comfortable indoor temperature
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Lower your monthly energy bills
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Reduce outdoor noise from entering the home
  • Increase the home resale value
  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Easy to clean
  • Block UV rays
  • Long lifespan
  • Double-lifetime warranty
  • Prevents furniture and carpet sun fading

The returns you get from having an energy-efficient home are well worth the cost. If you’re still on the fence or have some questions, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re more than happy to help!

You Can Count on California Energy Contractors!

We hope this blog helped answer your question of “how much do double-pane windows cost?” As you can tell, calculating the exact cost of window replacements is a tricky process. If you want to start your project or just get an accurate number, please contact us! You can call us at (855) 779-1413 or reach out to us through our website.