Apple Valley

Apple Valley is a town in San Bernardino County that was incorporated in 1988. It’s located on the southern part of the Mojave Desert, bordering Victorville and Hesperia. Ursula M. Poates named the area after its abundance of apple fields at the time. In the mid-century, enterprise land developers discovered the area and began expanding the community. Within ten years, modern homes, golf courses, recreational facilities, elementary schools, and junior high schools were built. Apple Valley became the site of several movie productions and a retreat for movie stars.


Apple Valley has chilly winters and very hot summers. It classifies as a semi-arid climate with seasonal high winds occurring in the spring and fall. The temperature will range from 33-98°F throughout the year, rarely going below 26°F or above 104°F. Apple Valley averages 283 sunny days and 14 inches of rain per year. 


Home Improvement in Apple Valley

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