Victorville lies in the Victor Valley of San Bernardino County, with a population of 122,870. One of the first known residents was Aaron G. Lane in 1858. He was a veteran of the Mexican-American War. He originally moved to the area during the gold rush but discovered he could make a better living selling supplies to the miners, so he set up shop in the area. Around 1885 the town became known as Victor after a construction superintendent for the California Southern Railroad (Santa Fe Railroad) named Jacob Nash Victor. Nowadays, residents of Victorville can enjoy skiing/snowboard, watersports, museums, county fairs, festivals, and local sports.


Victorville is located in the High Desert, which brings more extreme weather than other Southern California areas. Throughout the year, the temperature will vary from 33-98°F with some extremes. Victorville gets an average of 109 days at or above 90°F and 79 days at or below 32°F annually. During the winter, snowfall is possible but tends to be very light and melts quickly. During the summer, it’s common for the average high temperature to approach 100°F, with heat waves bringing it above 110°F. Victorville averages 14 inches of precipitation per year but can see an increase due to the North American Monsoon, bringing possible thunderstorms. 


Home Improvement in Victorville

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