Santa Clarita

With a population of 210,543, Santa Clarita is the third-largest city in Los Angeles and the 22nd-largest city in California. It lies in the Santa Clarita Valley, in the northwestern part of Los Angeles County. Residents enjoy Santa Clarita’s year-round events like their seasonal festivals, Six Flags Magic Mountain, summer concert series, and cultural and sporting events. 


Santa Clarita is a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and dry, warm weather most of the year. During the summer, the weather is very hot, with an occasional rise in humidity. Influxes of monsoonal moisture in the summer can bring occasional thunderstorms. During summer, the average high temperature is in the 90s, but the heat waves can raise the temperature well over 100°F. Winters are mild, but temperatures can occasionally drop below freezing during the nighttime. 


Home Improvement in Santa Clarita

As residents know, Santa Clarita summers can get very hot while winters can get quite cold. From energy-efficient replacement windows, patio doors, roofing, and exterior coating, we can help weather-proof your home! Our products will help keep the heat out during the summer and inside during the winter. Your family will stay at a comfortable temperature year-round, without having to blast your heating or cooling system constantly. For your next home improvement project in Santa Clarita, give California Energy Contractors a call at (855) 779-1413 or contact us on our website.