TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® vs. Exterior House Paint.

When making big decisions on exterior home remodeling, no one understands better than California Energy Contractors. This article will cover the pros and cons of using COOLWALL® TEX-COTE® technology on your house vs. using standard paint, and why we believe in our experience, COOLWALL® coating is the better choice.

You probably think what is TEX-COTE®, and why would I want to use that on my house instead of just repainting it? If you notice the paint on your home is starting to fade or chip and feel like you are losing curb appeal on your property, make sure to read this article before going to your local hardware store to order paint.

The Pros of using paint on your home

The great thing about painting your home is you can buy paint in any local hardware store such as Sherwin Williams, and they offer many great color options that will increase your curb appeal almost immediately. It will dry quickly, it is easy to manage for the most part, and you will not need to use a contractor to apply new paint on to your home. But wait!

Cons of using paint on your home

So you heard the pros of painting your house, and you are thinking that sounds great. Let me head over to the hardware store and grab a few gallons of paint, and the house will look great. Well, because anyone can use paint on their home, the outcome of those results is not guaranteed. Most homeowners do not want to prepare the walls on their house and consider it a waste of time because they will have to repaint it shortly anyway. If your home is located in hot areas like Bakersfield, Lancaster, or beach areas, like Ventura, Malibu, and Long Beach, your paint will fade and peel very quickly, leaving all that work you did dull and peeling again in no time. In return, that is going to leave a dent in your bank account.

Pros of Text-Cote

So let’s explore your other alternative TEX-COTE® COOLWALL®, by first asking the question of what is TEX-COTE® COOLWALL®? TEX-COTE® material is a form of paint usually made from polymers, acrylic, and other materials that make it more durable. The textured coating has also taken many turns and became more advanced and efficient now that technology has become more of a factor in the creation process.

The COOLWALL® system cools surface temperature wherever the product is installed, which helps decrease energy bills. This patented technology reduces building stress caused by heat expansion on the outside of the house, reduces fading on exteriors, improves water resistance and helps prevent water damage, and reduces the environmental damage caused by chlorine compounds in air conditioning refrigerants. Compared to the paint surface, COOLWALL® areas’ temperature can be lowered by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and save up to 30% on energy bills! 

Keep in mind that lighter colors reflect more heat, so depending on the color, the home surface temperature can decrease to up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Difference In Our Exterior House Remodel Service

Unlike other exterior remodeling companies, we guarantee the work we provide. Our TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® products are available with Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranties, and all work is 100% GUARANTEED. Our objective is to consistently provide the highest quality products, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service.

We are an Authorized Dealer for the TEX-COTE® line of exterior coatings and paintings. Our products can even help in reducing your energy bills. We offer COOLWALL® coating and painting for all of our exterior renovations.

California Energy Contractors provides customers with financing options for their exterior home renovations, and we also offer a range of options and savings for our customers.

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