Are you looking for new replacement windows? The best window for your house depends on many factors. What do you value most when it comes to replacement windows? 

Answer these questions before purchasing:

  • Is there a particular replacement windows style you like?
  • Is it vital for you to buy energy-efficient windows?
  • What type of frames do you need?
  • Do you have a budget defined for this project?
  • Which company offers the best warranty options?
  • Do you prefer the peace of mind that comes with professional window installation?

Top Things to Look for When Comparing Top Window Companies

Replacement Window Frame Materials

Vinyl-frame windows are the most popular. They are generally as little as half the price of comparable wood-frame versions. Vinyl windows are also exceptionally energy-efficient, thanks to a honeycomb of chambers that boost insulating ability by trapping air. They can be built to fit any size opening, and unlike wood, they never need repainting. At California Energy Contractors, we offer 12 designer fade-resistant exterior colors to choose from.

Replacement Windows Glass Features

Glass is transparent, so it is hard to spot the differences between multiple glass options. However, they are very significant. Often, manufacturers claim energy efficiency, but it is crucial to make sure they can back up these claims with actual ENERGY STAR® certification. The next step would be to look at the exact specifications and ratings of the glass. It is helpful to compare your options based on a standardized system.

California homeowners should always consider the climate you live in and your unique home’s needs. 

  • Are you anticipating extreme temperatures in your area? 
  • Do you have an issue with noise? 
  • Are you in a fire zone and require tempered glass? 
  • Do you need more strength and protection with impact-resistant glass? 

Before making a purchase, compare the intended uses for each brand’s glass options and the materials that go into the products. California Energy Contractors’ window experts would recommend the best window glass options for your home and custom-build the windows that are just right for you.

Certified Replacement Window Installers

It is well known that you can buy the highest quality window, but if it’s installed poorly, you won’t get what you paid for in performance or looks. Top window manufacturers certify their installers to install the windows they make expertly. There are several window installations options, so it is essential to check the certifications between manufacturers and the contractors that install their products. Before signing the contract:

  • Ask questions about the installation process to understand what’s included
  • Assess the expertise of the installers
  • Uncover hidden costs

Certified installers like California Energy Contractors have training and expertise in the brand’s product line. We can perform more extensive remodels, and we are trained and certified specifically for window installations.

Window Replacement Cost

People often get stuck on price. Homeowners have a specific window replacement budget, and they want to make the best deal. However, window replacement bargains often come with a high price tag down the line. The cost of replacement windows includes the quality of the materials, craftsmanship, and installation, so you could be sacrificing quality by saving on the initial costs. 

Look beyond the sticker price. With quality windows, you will save money on energy bills. You won’t have to spend time caring for or maintaining your windows. Quality windows installed by professional crews will last a long time. After considering the potential cost of the window throughout its lifetime, you may find that the higher price tag pays off over time.

Replacement Windows’ Warranty

Most homeowners don’t think about a window warranty until something goes wrong. Manufacturers and often products determine the length and level of coverage, but a good manufacturer’s warranty, like Anlin Windows and Doors, would be helpful in the long run. 

A strong replacement window warranty shows that the manufacturer stands behind the quality of their windows. It means that if something occurs outside the normal wear and tear of daily living, they will rectify the problems. Before buying, it helps to consider if you have warranty coverage on the window unit itself, its installation, or both.

Window Replacement Service

The window buying process should start with online research. It is a great idea to talk to the sales staff, ask questions, if possible, visit a showroom and get an in-home consultation. But at some point, you would have to peel yourself off of a computer screen and communicate with a live representative.

Window replacement can be a significant investment, so customer service is essential. How does the window replacement company make you feel? Do they apply high-pressure sales techniques and brush your questions off to pressure you into making a quick decision? Or they adequately answer your questions? Are you aware of the level of service or support they offer after installation? Choose a window replacement company you can trust to get the job done and ensure they will be there for you after the sale.

References and Replacement Window Company Reviews

Have your friends, family, and neighbors used a window replacement company? Ask them about their experience and find out if they are happy with their windows. Inquire if you could inspect their windows more closely to check the quality of work. Testimonials and online reviews are persuasive cases that can help you decide between window replacement companies. 

If you don’t know anybody, who’s used a window replacement company you are thinking of buying from, request references. All you are looking for are a few names of past clients to contact. Would you like to review window replacement projects in your area? Look through each window replacement company’s website and social media accounts. Some companies even have a map of projects they’ve completed near you, so you would get a good idea of their work and might even find related reviews. To replace your windows, give us a call at (855) 779-1413, or click here for a free quote!