Bakersfield is the county seat and largest city in Kern County, with a population of 390,233. It’s a hub for both energy production and agriculture and is the most productive oil-producing county and fourth-most productive agricultural county in the US. The popular industries in the city are food processing, petroleum refining, mining, regional corporate offices, natural gas, and other energy extractions. Bakersfield is also the birthplace of the Bakersfield sound, a genre of country music.


The climate in Bakersfield is a hot desert-type climate, with hot summers and chilly winters. The summers are scorching, with around 108 days per year going above 90°F. The city also gets approximately 33 days per year that go over 100°F, with some days exceeding 110°F! The weather can drop quite significantly in the winter, with coldest nights going below 30°F. Wintertime will usually consist of frost and dense fog, and the areas get around 7 inches of precipitation annually.


Home Improvement in Bakersfield

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