Palmdale is located in the northern part of Los Angeles County and lies in the Antelope Valley on the western side of the Mojave Desert. It has a population of 156,667 and is surrounded by vast landscaped. It’s home to the US Air Force testing centers, where legendary aircrafts like the Lockheed Blackbird first took flight. The town is within an hour of both Hollywood and ski resorts. Residents in the area enjoy golfing, snowboarding/skiing, museums, amphitheaters, water parks, and more. 


Palmdale is in an elevated region, making the summers quite hot and the winters cold enough to bring snow. It’s a cold semi-arid climate, with daily minimum temperatures during winter at or below freezing. Summers are hot and dry with an average temperature of 81.2°F. The weather can get extreme, with 52 days dropping to or below freezing and 35 days exceeding 100°F annually. The city gets an average of 8.3 inches of rainfall per year. 


Home Improvement in Palmdale

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